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September 17, 2013
Chairman Fox called the meeting to order at 11:00 AM with all members present as well as County Administrator Mike Pogge-Weaver, County Auditor Kim Saterbak, County Recorder Mary Amundson and Payroll Officer/General Assistant Amanda Ness.
Chairman Fox asked if there were any additions to the Agenda.  There were none.
09-17-13-01 Commissioner Hendrickx moved and Commissioner Rudningen seconded to approve the agenda.  Motion carried unanimously.
09-17-13-02 Commissioner Peterson moved and Commissioner Hendrickx seconded to approve the Consent Agenda which consisted of the Board Meeting Minutes of September 3, 2013, to approve a contract with e Recording Partners Network LLC as an e-recording submitter, and to approve the purchase of a skid loader for Environmental Services.  Motion carried unanimously.
The board reviewed the Commissioner and Auditor warrants and no questions or comments were made.
09-17-13-03 Commissioner Rudningen moved and Commissioner Klemm seconded to approve the Commissioner warrants as follows: Revenue: $41,927.62; Solid Waste: $24,088.59; Road and Bridge: $87,840.33; Welfare and Human Services, $458.33; and Ditches, $49,874.36 which includes the following bills over $2,000: AccuSteel, $17,236.00; Agralite Cooperative, $8,043.15; Benson Food Shop, $2,171.09; Commerford Construction Inc, $42,182.00; Computer Professionals Unlimited Inc, $4,519.29; Contech Construction Products, $12,159.36; Clifford W. Emmert, $2,013.35; Duininck Inc, $17,002.04; Northside Automotive Supply, $2,202.15; Pflipsen Trucking LLC, $11,632.56; Riley Brothers Companies, $7,021.94; Ron Ringquist, $3,229.47; Soil Conservation Office, $2,431.07; Swift County DAC, $2,016.09; Waste Management of Northern Minnesota, $8,444.20; and Ziegler Inc, $5,948.86.  Motion carried unanimously.
Board and Committee Reports were given as follows: Chairman Fox reported on the Revolving Loan Fund, the AMC Policy Meeting, Restorative Justice, Woodland Centers, and Private Industry Council.  Commissioner Klemm reported on a meeting with Redwood, Lincoln, and Murray counties to consider changing our health insurance and a meeting with employees to discuss our health insurance options and a SCEMO meeting.  Commissioner Peterson reported on Countryside Public Health and 6W Corrections. Commissioner Rudningen also reported on the AMC Policy Meeting and the meeting about our health insurance options as well as the Transportation Committee and Lean 101 Training.  Commissioner Hendrickx reported on the AMC Policy Meeting, Human Services, Woodland Centers, Revolving Loan Fund, and Planning and Zoning Committee.
Administrator Pogge-Weaver reported on the AMC Policy Meeting, the health insurance meetings, and Lean 101 Training.  He also pointed out that he would be out of the office from September 24th through September 27th.
Environmental Services Director Scott Collins brought to the board the continuation of the Public Hearing regarding the Water Plan 10 year update from the September 3, 2013 meeting.

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