Public Notice - Elm Wood Piles

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Residents of Benson are hereby notified that all elm wood with bark intact must be burned or removed by April 1, 2017. Bark-intact elm wood can undo much of the progress the community has achieved so far in controlling Dutch Elm Disease. This wood is a breeding place for the elm bark beetles that carry Dutch Elm disease fungus to healthy trees. In the spring, adult beetles - up to 1,500 in a single fireplace log - emerge from diseased wood with the fungus clinging to their bodies. When the beetles fly to healthy elms to feed, they spread Dutch Elm disease to previously uninfected trees.
Because of this danger to healthy elms, the City has enacted an ordinance affecting the storage of elm wood. Bark-intact elm wood may be stored outside only between September 15 and April 1, (the dormant period for elm bark beetles). Once the wood has been debarked, it no longer violates the regulation.
Dated: March 6, 2017
/s/ Glen Pederson               
City Clerk

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