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February 5, 2019

Chairman E. Pederson called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM with all members present. Also present: County Administrator Kelsey Baker, County Attorney Danielle Olson, Terri Orr and many members of the public.

Chairman E. Pederson asked if there were any changes or additions to the agenda. Chairman E. Pederson requested an addition under other business on the Appleton Prison. No other changes or additions were requested.

02-05-19-01 Commissioner Rudningen moved and Commissioner Hendrickx seconded to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried unanimously.

02-05-19-02 Commissioner Fox moved and Commissioner P. Peterson seconded to approve the Consent Agenda items: (1) Minutes from the January 15, 2019 Regular Meeting, (2) Consider giving consent to the Swift County HRA to apply a special assessment to the property at 500 12th St. North Benson, MN 56215, (3) Consider approving the corrected County Attorney salary. Motion carried unanimously.

02-05-19-03 Commissioner P. Peterson moved and Commissioner Rudningen seconded to approve the Commissioner warrants as follows: Revenue, $115,860.58; Solid Waste, $25,824.52; Road and Bridge, $53,706.15; Debt Service, $1,750.00; Capital Projects Fund, $2,110.82; County Ditches Fund, $16,696.20; County Health Insurance, $436.00; which includes the following bills over $2,000: Albany Recycling Center, $2,423.79; American Door Works, $3,157.68; Ascheman Oil, $19,992.85; Commerford Gravel Inc., $3,093.00; Counties Providing Technology, $5,842.00; Geyer Recycling, $6,099.33; Konrad Material Sales LLC, $10,867.50; Lac Qui Parle County Sheriff, $2,335.00; Life Insurance Company of North America, $2,092.02; Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation, $17,161.34; Newman Traffic Signs, $2,998.67; Pioneerland Library System, $32,898.25; Southwest Initiative Foundation, $3,223.00; Swift County Parks and Drainage, $12,118.00; Tangen, Attorney/Neil, $3,683.67; Treasurer, City of Appleton, $4,276.90; Tyler Technologies, Inc., $8,750.19; Van Heuveln General Contracting Inc., $11,810.00; Waste Management of Northern Minnesota, $11,075.95; WatchGuard Video, $4,950.00; Yellow Medicine County Jail, $4,851.00; Ziegler Inc., $5,955.81. Motion carried unanimously.

Board and Committee Reports were given as follows: Commissioner Rudningen reported on the Prairie Lakes Youth Programs, Building Committee, Emergency Service Radio Board and Kerkhoven EDA meeting. Commissioner Fox reported on Woodland Centers, Chippewa River Watershed, Hospital Finance meeting and ROI. Commissioner P. Peterson reported on Prairie Five Community Action Council, Supporting Hands Nurse Family Partnership and Swift County HRA. Commissioner Hendrickx reported on Private Industry Council, AMC, MACCSA, Health and Human Service meeting and Building Committee. Chairman E. Pederson reported on his three meetings that were cancelled due to weather conditions.

Administrator Baker reported on 6W Lease, WIFI in County Building, City of Benson Strategic Planning meeting, AMC conference call, Insurance meeting with MMA, Building Committee, Human Services meeting, couple of letters for building project, Medical Examiner, and Southern MN Tourism Association.

Chairman E. Pederson asked for citizen’s comments. Jim Hilleren read a letter to the Commissioners, Robert Zielsdorf, Mick Abner, Stan Olson, Don Tofte, Ron Hanson, Mark Hughes, John Huston, Leroy Noreen, Grant Herfindahl, Allen Saunders, Ron Schlieman, Jerry Swenson, and Jan Goff voiced their concerns on the building project. There were no others.

The board recessed for a break at 10:15 AM.
The board reconvened at 10:30 AM.

Administrator Kelsey Baker gave a brief history and explanation on behalf of the building committee on the guiding principles to consider approving Schematic Design with Wold Architects and Engineers for a potential building. A lengthy discussion was held.

02-05-19-04 Commissioner Hendrickx moved and Commissioner Rudningen seconded to approve the Schematic Design with Wold Architects and Engineers for a potential building. Motion passed with Commissioners Hendrickx, Rudningen and P. Pederson voting in favor and Commissioners Fox and E. Pederson voting against.

Roll call vote:

Fox        No
Hendrickx     Yes
E. Pederson    No
P. Peterson     Yes
Rudningen     Yes

Motion passed.

Countryside Public Health Administrator Liz Auch presented updates on the Countryside Public Health programs.

HRA Director Vicki Syverson and RDA Executive Director Jennifer Frost discussed an agreement between Minnesota Housing Partnership and Swift County HRA hereinafter called SCHRA Housing Institute.

4-H Program Coordinator Becca Turnquist introduced herself to the Board of Commissioners. Becca gave an update on the Extension and 4-H programs that are coming up this year.

Commissioner P. Peterson suggested sending out letters for support to reopen the Appleton Prison. A brief discussion was held.

02-05-19-05 Commissioner Hendrickx moved and Commissioner P. Peterson seconded to approve that Swift County will continue the operations of a Jail and Dispatch Center within our county. Motion carried unanimously.

02-05-19-06 Commissioner P. Peterson moved and Commissioner Rudningen seconded to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 11:51 AM.

Ed Pederson, Chair
Kelsey Baker, County Administrator

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