Hendrickx elected county board chair

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With Commissioner Ed Pederson, District 2-south Benson and Benson Township, resigning as chair at the county board’s Feb. 5 meeting, the first order of business at the Feb. 19 meeting was electing a new one.

As the Feb. 5 meeting came to an end, Pederson expressed his displeasure with the county board’s 3-2 vote to proceed with a $162,000 study of a new justice center. He was adamantly opposed to the study.

Based on the vote, Pederson said he was not the person to be the face of Swift County as its board chair as it potentially moved to building a $17.45 million justice center that would house a new jail, the Swift County Sheriff’s Office, the Swift County attorney, 6W Community Corrections, human services, and Restorative Practices.

“Therefore, I will resign as board chairman effective at the end of this meeting today,” he said.

The study will look more closely at a final design, how the different offices would fit in the building, develop a more definitive design for the building, and get a more firm figure on costs.

Gary Hendrickx, District 1-Appleton, was elected the new chair of the county board with Commissioner Joe Fox, District 4-Hegbert Township, elected the vice chair.

Hendrickx, Commissioner Eric Rudningen, District 5 – Kerkhoven and Commissioner Pete Peterson, District 3 - south Benson and Benson Township, voted to proceed with a schematic study of a proposed two-story 38,000 square foot building on the west side of the courthouse.

Pederson and Fox had voted against the motion.


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