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Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 5:30 p.m.
Benson High School Media Center

Called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Chair Brian Samuelson.  Members present:  Jim Berens, Paul Carruth, Mary KW Langan, Bill McGeary, Eric Peterson, Brian Samuelson, Gary Williams.
Agenda Additions:  SWWC Contract for Heartland Girls Ranch, Special Construction Oversight Committee, Assignment of Committee Chairs, Move up Gymnastics on Agenda.
Agenda approved.
Citizens Comments: Nancy Loen stated concerns with the draft upcoming school year calendars starting before the Swift County Fair and suggested looking at options to add minutes to scheduled days instead of starting when classrooms are warm in August and students, parents and staff are involved at the fair.
Consent agenda approved.
Progress Reports presented by administrators.
Gymnastics:  Coach Kathy Ahrndt stated concerns of the civic center option closing down last month as a new gymnastics space and while all efforts to find a new space are appreciated, they want to know where plans are to find a safe place for the gymnasts to practice. The board is working on the construction project, waiting to see where bids will come in. Discussion took place regarding a time line, plans for the new East gym, budget, funding options, etc. to find a solution.
Board Clerk:  Dennis explained the board elected Dave Benson as the clerk for 2019, and the law reads that the school board must elect a board member to serve the role of Clerk and asked for nominations.  The board elected Mary Langan as Clerk.
Board Treasurer:  Dennis explained the law reads that the school board must elect a board member to serve the role of Treasurer and asked for nominations. The board elected Bill McGeary for Treasurer.
Construction Update:  Ryan Breitbach presented a progress update on the East gym with completion planned for mid May and provided a budget update for the construction project.
Construction Management Agreement:  Dennis presented the agreement with revisions; first reading.
ARY Agreement:  Dennis presented the agreement with ARY; first reading.
Peer Review:  Brian Samuelson brought up the option of having a secondary architect review the construction plans.
Early Retirement Requests: Five teachers requested an early retirement through state statute 122A.48.
The board denied the request from Peggy Bausman for $15,000 payment toward health insurance.
The board denied the request from Shelly Mikkelson for $15,000 payment toward health insurance.
The board denied the request from Ruth Ahrndt for $15,000 payment toward health insurance.
The board denied the request from Jon Ahrndt for $15,000 payment toward health insurance.
The board denied the request from Don Brehmer for $15,000 payment into his 403B account.
School Calendars:  Draft calendars for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years were presented, which allow for 16 weeks of dedicated, uninterrupted construction time and would be safer for staff, students and visitors. The bids should be lower as contractors would not have to work around staff or on weekends. Discussion held; first reading.
Resolution Directing Administration to Make Budget Reduction Recommendations: Annual resolution the board needs to take action on to prepare for possible budget reductions which may or not be required. The board approved the Resolution Directing the Administration to Make Possible Recommendations for Budget Reductions.  
SWWC Special Education Contract:  The district could not provide personnel on their own for specialized positions nor fill these positions. Service times are based on IEP needs of the individual student; first reading.
SWWC Heartland Girls Ranch (HGR) Contract:  HGR staff contract through SWWC for 2019-2020; first reading.
Special Construction Oversight Committee:  Chair Samuelson named Jim Berens, Eric Peterson and himself to serve on the new committee to drive down costs and find savings on the construction project.
Assignment of Committee Chairs:  Chair Samuelson named chairs for the board committees:  Activities: Eric; Administration:  Brian; Bldg. & Grounds/H & S/Construction Oversight: Brian; Community Education: Paul; Faculty Negotiations/Meet & Confer/Budget: Brian; Food Service: Jim; Non-Licensed: Gary; Scholarship: Mary; Transportation: Bill.
Donations: Discovery Kids Grant:  $2,100 Prairie V; $5,000 SW Initiative Foundation; $12,500 Swift County; $30 cash.  Main Gym Scoreboard:  $10,000 Viking Coca-Cola; $5,000 CVEC; $5,000 Benson Family Eye Care;  $2,500 Swift County Benson Health Services; $2,500 CNH Industrial; $750 each from DoMat’s Family Foods, Darold’s Super Valu, Hawley’s, Coop Credit Union, Thrivent Financial, Hughes Real Estate & Auction, Glacial Plains Cooperative, Loen Electric, Midwest Machinery; $563 Class of 1988; $100 Class of 1963. $50 Open Gym Sponsors:  Sam & Brenda Jensen, SCBH Employees, CVEC, Al & Janet Pagel, L. Peterson, Zielsdorf Auction & Real Estate, Reids’ Welding, Wilcox Law Office, SCBH, Loen Electric.  Gymnastics Pit:  $1,000 each:  WestCon Elevator, Land O’Lakes; Gymnastics Equipment:  $4,707 Gymnastics Association. Band Festival:  $300 CNH Industrial. Score Table:  $4,590 from Concessions. Robotics Program:  $100 Swift County Fair Board. Smart Document Camera: $699 Braves Foundation; $1,400 SW Initiative Foundation. Discovery Kids Water Cooler & Filter:  $1,881 State of MN. Jean Fridays:  $88 SCBH. Girls Basketball Tourney Sponsorship:  $650 CNH Industrial. Boys Basketball Tourney Sponsorship:  $650 CNH Industrial. Centennial of Education Scholarships:  $300 Class of 1963; $100 Tae Kwon Do from Lew & Joyce Nokleby; $20,000 Larson Family Memorial from Jennings Larson; $100 Kevin Lindstrom Memorial from Toni Lindstrom; $300 Joel Hoium Memorial Fund; $500 from Dr. Richard & Anita Horecka; $200 Dody Fuchs-Abbott Memorial from Michael Abbott; $500 Kelly Svor Fuhrman Memorial from Steve and Gail Svor; $1,000 Ray Millett Memorial from Francie Millett; $365 Benson Kiwanis Club. Reading to Learn:  $1,000 Galen Hanson Foundation; $3,060 Robert Sonsteng Foundation.  Fort Snelling/State Capital Trip:  $2,500 SW Initiative Foundation. Special Education Classroom Supplies:  $50 E & M Electric; $30 Alsaker Tax Service. LaVayne Langan Memorial:  $50 Kathryn Morris
Future Meetings:
Regular Meeting - March 18, 5:30 p.m., Sr. High Media Center
Work Session - April 1, 5:30 p.m., Sr. High Media Center
Meeting adjourned at 7:34 p.m.
Business and Report Items:  Document Reference (filed with original minutes)
Copies of documents presented for action and report purposes are located in the district office as prepared for permanent record and posted on the school website at www.benson.k12.mn.us.
Mary KW Langan, Clerk


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