MINUTES OF THE REGULAR SCHOOL BOARD MEETING INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 777, Benson, Minnesota Monday, October 21, 2019 - 5:30 p.m. Benson High School Media Center

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The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Chair Brian Samuelson.  Members present:  James Berens, Paul Carruth, Mary KW Langan, Bill McGeary, Eric Peterson, Brian Samuelson   
Members absent:  Gary Williams. 
Additions to the Agenda:  Remove Tom Foley as Robotics Advisor; Add Update on Civic Center Construction.
Approved the Agenda. 
Approved Consent Agenda.
Progress Reports were presented by the administrators.
Ryan Breitbach, CM, gave the board an update on progress at Northside where foundations are completed and the high school footings start this week for the classroom addition, entrance addition and the auditorium. Overall the project is on schedule.
Ryan Breitbach presented three rebid results for BHS bid package #2, bid category #11 - Steel Erection and the plan for bid category #18 - Sound Control Doors.
Accepted the low bid for BHS bid category #11 - Steel from Breitbach Construction in the amount of $241,000. 
Matt Hammer from Ehlers reviewed results of the $3.2 million bond sale for HVAC upgrades at BHS and provided a report.
Approved the Resolution Awarding the Sale, Determining the Form and Details, Authorizing the Execution, Delivery and Registration, and Providing for the Payment of General Obligation Facilities Maintenance Bonds, Series 2019A not to exceed $3,200,000. In a roll call vote the following voted in favor:  Jim Berens, Mary Langan, Eric Peterson, Bill McGeary, Paul Carruth and Brian Samuelson and the following voted against:  none, whereupon said resolution was declared duly passed and adopted.
Discussion was held on district and superintendent draft goals for the 2019-2020 school year.
The Activities Committee chair, AD and Superintendent Laumeyer met with KMS regarding shared maintenance costs for cooperative sports. It was a positive meeting and both schools want to continue the partnership. Item was tabled to get a reply from KMS.
First reading of 200 series board policies based on MSBA recommended changes to meet law.
The Non-Certified Committee met with all non-certified groups last week and made recommendations for the overall package for the groups within the budget parameters set by the board.
Approved the Non-Certified total package increase of $66,766 in FY20 and $68,262 in FY 21. 
Bill McGeary reported that Kranz Construction is willing to do the civic center construction project for the cost they had bid. Discussion was held and a decision will need to be made by the board soon.
Donations Approved:  Our Store - Roger Ebnet:  $100 VFW Benson Post 1403; Future Farmers of America:  $5 Anonymous; School Lunch Angel Fund:  $210 Class of 1965; Scholarship:  $500 Class of 1974; Discovery Kids:  $500 Benson Lions Club; Craig Johnson Memorial - Theatre:  $25 Lilla Tage, $25 Lori Yeske, $20 Collette Hanson, $10 Jane Mooberry; Summer Marching Band:  $150 Barb DeBoer; Football Auxiliary:  $100 Anonymous; Renaissance:  $200 VFW; $100 each Benson Gravel, Brink’s Beer Joint, State Bank of Danvers, Breen’s; $50 each Co-op Credit Union, Benson Family Eye Care, Glacial Plain Cooperative, Bluestem Dental, Abner Sales, Thrivadane Sales, State Farm, Goff Electric; $30 each Zosel’s True Value, AF Building Supply; $25 each Stony Ridge, BEA, Darold’s SuperValu; Northside Recreation Improvement Project:  $591.88 Benson Baseball Association.
Future Meetings:
Regular School Board Meeting - Tuesday, November 12, 5:30 p.m., BHS Media Center
Work Session School Board Meeting - Monday, December 2, 5:30 p.m., BHS Media Center, 6:00 Truth in Taxation Hearing
Meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.
Business and Report Items:  Document Reference (filed with original minutes)
Copies of documents presented for action and report purposes are located in the district office as prepared for permanent record and posted on the school website at www.benson.k12mn.us.

Mary KW Langan, Clerk

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