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Chairman Hendrickx called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. with all members present. Also present: County Administrator Kelsey Baker, County Attorney Danielle Olson, Terri Orr and other county employees.
Chairman Hendrickx asked if there were any changes or additions to the agenda. Commissioner Fox had one addition under Other Business, discuss fire numbers. There were no other changes.  
11-05-19-01 Commissioner Rudningen moved and Commissioner Fox seconded to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried unanimously.
11-05-19-02 Commissioner P. Peterson moved and Commissioner Rudningen seconded to approve the Consent Agenda items: (1) Minutes from the October 15, 2019 Regular Meeting, (2) Approval of CliftonLarsonAllen engagement letter, (3) Approval of Human Service Policies, (4) Approval of Human Service Contracts. Motion carried unanimously.
Chairman Hendrickx requested removal of a check, Twin Valley Tire Inc., $972.00. 
11-05-19-03 Commissioner E. Pederson moved and Commissioner Fox seconded to approve the Commissioner warrants as follows with the above noted exception: County General Revenue, $158,581.18; Solid Waste Fund, $21,957.35; Road and Bridge, $79,277.49; County Ditches Fund, $33,119.86; County Health Insurance, $4,278.45.00; Upper Minnesota Watershed, $2,762.46; Region 6 West Agency, $11,139.69; Townships & Cities Agency, $2,078,023.67; Rural Development Agency Fund, $16,134.66; which includes the following bills over $2,000: Anoka County Treasury Office, $2,975.00; Bennett Office Technologies, $3,957.12; Bituminous Paving Inc., $7,490.99; Bolton & Menk, Inc., $9,522.50; Commerford Gravel Inc., $19,655.86; Contech Engineered Solutions LLC, $23,083.51; Fitbit Inc., $3,424.28; Geyer Recycling, $6,099.33; Life Insurance Company of North America, $2,092.48; Nygard Family Ltd Partnership, $15,000.00; Overholser Properties LLC, $3,250.00; Pioneerland Library System, $34,898.25; Southwest Minnesota Workforce Council, $2,815.00; Streichers, $2,648.71; Swift County Fair Association, $17,000.00; Swift County Historical Society, $18,962.00; Swift County HRA, $26,133.45; Swift County RDA, $16,134.66; Traffic Marking Service, Inc., $36,565.69; Treasurer, Appleton Township, $9,954.42; Treasurer, Benson Township, $6,030.33; Treasurer, Camp Lake Township, $9,943.63; Treasurer, Cashel Township, $4,876.61; Treasurer, City of Appleton, $700,227.73; Treasurer, City of Benson, $843,092.62; Treasurer, City of Clontarf, $36,175.23; Treasurer, City of Danvers, $30,187.31; Treasurer, City of DeGraff, $5,681.88; Treasurer, City of Holloway, $83,821.35; Treasurer, City of Kerkhoven, $141,121.13; Treasurer, City of Murdock, $60,031.16; Treasurer, Clontarf Township, $17,480.23; Treasurer, Dublin Township, $3,516.39; Treasurer, Edison Township, $3,198.39; Treasurer, Fairfield Township, $3,151.52; Treasurer, Hayes Township, $5,586.20; Treasurer, Hegbert Township, $9,332.27; Treasurer, Kerkhoven Township, $9,276.42; Treasurer, Kildare Township, $10,492.80; Treasurer, Marysland Township, $3,739.46; Treasurer Moyer Township, $5,741.74; Treasurer, Pillsbury Township, $9557.88; Treasurer, Shible Township, $4,378.66; Treasurer, Six Mile Grove Township, $8,733.28; Treasurer, Swenoda Township, $7,136.32; Treasurer, Tara Township, $2,381.72; Treasurer, Torning Township, $9,184.86; Treasurer, West Bank Township, $7,672.05; Tyler Techologies, Inc., $2,249.10; University of Minnesota, $18,444.99; Upper MN River Watershed District, $2,762.46; Upper MN Valley RDC, $11,139.69; VanHeuveln General Contracting Inc., $2,570.00; Waste Management Of WI-MN, $11,316.77; Widseth Smith Nolting & Association Inc., $3,260.00; Yellow Medicine County Jail, 9,019.96. Motion carried unanimously.
Board and Committee Reports were given as follows: Commissioner P. Peterson reported on HRA and Helping Hands Nurse Family Partnership. Commissioner E. Pederson reported on DAC, Census Committee, Computer Professional Technology, AMC District meeting and Historical Society. Chairman Hendrickx reported on Woodland Centers, AMC District meeting, Union Negotiations with ASCME, RDC and NACo Rural Impact County Challenge Action Learning Cohort (RICC). Commissioner Fox reported on Woodland Centers, Chippewa River Watershed, Pom de Terre Committee, Private Industry Council, Hospital Finance and AMC District meeting. Commissioner Rudningen reported on Prairie Lakes Youth Programs, Pioneerland Library, Union Negotiations with AFSCME , Dollar General, AMC District meeting, Technology Committee and Kerkhoven Strategic Planning meeting with the RDC.
Administrator Kelsey Baker reported on the Organizational Study, Building Committee, introduced Transfer Employee Beth Tolifson to Land Records, Online Reservations for Parks, Active Shooter training, Quarterly Technology meeting and 2020 Budget.
Scott Collins, Environmental Services Director requested approval of Environmental Services Tipping charge increase staring January 1, 2020.
11-05-19-04 Commissioner Rudningen moved and Chair Hendrickx seconded to approve Tipping fee increase from $80 to $100 per ton effective January 1, 2020. A lengthy discussion was held. Motion carried 4-1 with Commissioner P. Peterson opposing.
Amanda Ness, Human Resource requested approval of the appointment of an Assistant County Attorney at Step Five.
11-05-19-05 Commissioner Rudningen moved and Commissioner P. Peterson seconded to approve the appointment of Shawn Reinke as the new Assistant County Attorney at Step Five. A brief discussion was held. Motion carried unanimously.
County Treasurer Ron Vadnais updated the board on 3rd Quarter 2019 cash & investments.
County Auditor Kim Saterbak updated the board on 3rd Quarter 2019 Executive Department Budget Report.
Kristi Fernholz, UMV RDC Senior Planner requested approval of Swift County OHV Master Plan Contract.
11-05-19-06 Commissioner Rudningen moved and Commissioner Fox seconded to approve the Comprehensive Plan Funding for Swift County OHV. A brief discussion was held. Motion carried unanimously.
Commissioner Fox discussed having fire numbers installed in Swift County.
11-05-19-07 Commissioner Rudningen moved and Commissioner Fox seconded to have Highway Department install Fire numbers in Swift County. Motion failed 2-3 with Commissioners P. Peterson, E. Pederson and Fox opposing.
Chairman Hendrickx and all the Commissioners recommend moving forward with getting more information for fire numbers to be installed.
11-05-19-08 Commissioner P. Peterson moved and Commissioner Rudningen seconded to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.
Meeting adjourned at 10:40 AM.
            Gary Hendrickx, Chair
Kelsey Baker, County Administrator

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