MINUTES OF THE REGULAR SCHOOL BOARD MEETING INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 777, Benson, Minnesota Monday, July 13, 2020 - 5:30 p.m. Swift County Law Enforcement Center & Virtual Meeting

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The meeting was called to order at 5:32 p.m. by Chair Brian Samuelson.  Members present:  Jim Berens, Bill McGeary, Mary KW Langan, Eric Peterson, Brian Samuelson, Paul Carruth, and Gary Williams.  Members absent:  None.
Additions to the Agenda:  7.1.1 Roof Structure - Gymnastics/Activity Space Building.
Agenda approved.
Citizens Comments:  Mark Hughes asked for an update on how Distance Learning went.
Consent Agenda approved.
Progress Reports presented by the administrators.
Board Committee Reports:  The Food Service Committee met and their report will be presented under New Business.
Gymnastics Bids:  Approved bid categories 3, 4, 11, and 12 as presented for a total cost of $1,524,419.00.
Gymnastics/Activity Space Roof Structure:  Part of the steel bid package is to include a painted steel roof at a cost of $5,500. The board could go with a galvanized roof instead of a painted steel roof.  A Motion was made to go with a galvanized roof instead of a painted steel roof.  Motion failed.
Construction Manager Ryan Breitbach provided a construction and budget update.
BHS Window Replacement item tabled.
400 Policy Series: Approved policies 412, 413, 413FRM, 414, 414FRM, 415, 416, 416FRM, 417 based on changes recommended by MSBA to meet law.
Approved 2020-2021 PK-5 Student Handbook.
Approved 2020-2021 6-12 Student Handbook.
Milk Bids:  Accepted the low escalating bid of $36,832.60 from Prairie Farms.
Approved the 2020-2021 Meal Prices.
Long Term Facilities Maintenance Plan (LTFM):  Passed the Resolution Approving School District No. 777 Long Term Facilities Maintenance Ten Year Plan as presented.
Streaming Services:  This is the first reading.
Superintendent Evaluation:  The school board completed the mid-year superintendent evaluation.  The board should complete the year end questionnaire for the August 3rd school board meeting.  The August 3rd meeting was scheduled as a work session but will be changed to a regular meeting.
Donations Approved:  DK Donation:  $50 Anonymous; Southwest Initiative Foundation:  DK Covid Relief – $20,000 Robert Sonsteng Memorial Fund, Thermometers – $878 Robert Sonsteng Memorial Fund; DK Tablet: $15 Shelly Vergin; Grand Piano Donations:  $500 Roger Skarsten, $200 Julie Urke, $100 Jack & Lavona Kirkpatrick, $80 Lilla Tatge, $50 Constance Wersinger, $100 JL & JM Cantwell, $200 Mick & Marlys Boone, $100 Ben & Kerry Wilcox, $200 Jay D. Cameron, $100 Shelly Mikkelson, $150 James & Jean Hilleren, $150 Corey & Karen Peterson, $1,000 Connie Kenyon, $500 Benson Lions Club, $100 Paul & Kim Ness, $500 Vyke & Laree Breen, $25 John & Kim Fragodt, $150 Kevin & Teresa Staton, $190 Kevin & Teresa Staton, $50 Patty & Joel James, $100 Bob & Teresa Fragodt, $50 Chad & Kim Klassen, $100 Colleen M Zimny, $250 Sandy Tolifson, $100 Steve & Lori Eix, $100 Bill McGeary, $200 Lawrence Lokken, $200 Bethany Lee, $100 Kayla & Michael Shafer, $100 Charles Ferry, $100 Leon & Diane Pearson, $1,000 Jeff & Sharon Ratliff-Crain, $500 Marty & Charlotte Peterson, $200 Deb Moorse, $400 Noel & Marie Koenigs, $5.50 Lisa Miller
Future Meetings:
Regular School Board Meeting – Monday, August 3, 2020, 5:30 p.m., Location Swift County Law Enforcement Center
Regular School Board Meeting – Monday, August 17, 2020, 5:30 p.m., Location TBD
Meeting adjourned at 7:41 p.m.
Mary KW Langan, Clerk

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