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To the Electors of the Townships of Appleton, Benson, Camp Lake, Clontarf, Cashel, Dublin, Edison, Fairfield, Hayes, Hegbert, Kildare, Marysland, Moyer, Kerkhoven, Pillsbury, Shible, Six Mile Grove, Swenoda, Tara and Westbank; and the Cities of Clontarf, Danvers, DeGraff, Holloway, and Murdock, in the County of Swift, State of Minnesota, Notice is Hereby Given that a State General Election will be held in all the above named cities and townships at 301 14th Street North, Benson, MN 56215 on Tuesday, the Third day of November 2020, at which time the polls will be opened at 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for the purpose of electing candidates for the following offices:

Federal Office
One President and Vice-President
One United States Senator
One United States Representative
State Offices
One State Senator
One State Representative
Judicial Offices
Supreme Court - Associate Justice – Seat 4
Court of Appeals Judge - Seats 3, 9, 13, 15
8th District Court Judge – Seats 1, 2, 4, 7, 10, 11
County Offices
One County Commissioner-District 1
One County Commissioner-District 3
One County Commissioner-District 5
One Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor-District 1
One Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor-District 5
City Offices
One Mayor, Clontarf     Two Council Members, Clontarf
One Mayor, Danvers     Two Council Members, Danvers
One Mayor, DeGraff     Two Council Members, DeGraff
One Mayor, Holloway     Two Council Members, Holloway
One Mayor, Murdock     Two Council Members, Murdock
One Treasurer – City of Clontarf
Township Offices
One Supervisor, Appleton - Seat C     One Supervisor, Kerkhoven - Seat C
One Supervisor, Cashel - Seat C           One Supervisor, Kildare - Seat C
One Supervisor, Clontarf - Seat C     One Supervisor, Marysland - Seat C
One Supervisor, Dublin - Seat A              One Supervisor, Moyer - Seat A
                                                                            expiring January 2, 2023
One Supervisor, Edison - Seat B             One Supervisor, Moyer - Seat B
One Supervisor, Edison - Seat C             One Supervisor, Moyer - Seat C
One Supervisor, Fairfield - Seat C       One Supervisor, Pillsbury, - Seat A
One Supervisor, Hegbert - Seat C           One Supervisor, Shible - Seat C
One Supervisor, Kerkhoven - Seat B      One Supervisor, Six Mile Grove - Seat B
One Clerk, Cashel          One Clerk, Marysland
One Clerk, Clontarf     One Clerk, Moyer
One Clerk, Hegbert    One Clerk, Shible
One Clerk, Kildare                      One Clerk/Treasurer, Dublin
One Treasurer, Appleton
One Treasurer, Fairfield
One Treasurer, Kerkhoven
One Treasurer, Six Mile Grove
School Offices
Three Independent School District 768 Members
Four Independent School District 775 Members
Four Independent School District 777 Members
Four Independent School District 2769 Members
One Independent School District 2769 Member – expiring January 2, 2023
One Independent School District 2853 Member – District 6
Referendum Revenue Question 1 – Independent School District 2768
Referendum Revenue Question 2 – Independent School District 2768
Dated this 13th day of October 2020.

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