Benson council rejects Armory demolition bids

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By Reed Anfinson


Demolition bids for the Benson Armory were rejected Monday night by the city council and a blue ribbon committee created to explore its potential future uses over the next three months.

The committee would also develop estimates on what the costs would be to make the building ready for use, report to the council monthly on the progress of its meetings, and then present its full report at the end of the three months.

Council Members Jack Evenson and Lucas Olson will serve on the committee along with four citizens appointed by the council. A city staff member is to be appointed to assist the committee and Director of Finance Glen Pederson will be an ex officio member of the body.

Approval of the demolition bids was on the council’s agenda for its March 15 meeting but were delayed to the April 5 meeting. That delay was to give it additional time to discuss the merits of saving the building versus taking it down.

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