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A Drop of Ink

by Reed Anfinson, Editor - Publisher

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View From A Prairie Home

by Hege Herfindahl

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Kittelson: Proud To Be Mayor Of Benson

I would like to acknowledge all of the hard work that has been done so far in clearing the debris left in the wake of the Thursday and Friday storms. We have a long way to go but so much has been done in three days!
I have seen and heard countless instances of people helping people who had neither the tools or the ability to clear their own lawns. I admire the personal pride and initiative individuals used in clearing their property. It reaffirms what I already knew; we have  a wonderful caring community. Our community extends across city limits and we had many people from the surrounding area volunteering to help their city neighbors.

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Thomas Jefferson - ‘All Shall Become Wolves’

by Reed Anfinson, Editor, Publisher

Recently the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in the News Media came out with its annual report on the state of the media in America. Its findings don’t bode well for newspapers, but nor does it have good news for the citizens of this country.

We must first say that there is a vast difference between community newspapers in rural America and the big metropolitan dailies in this country. We are about community. We are the only ones interested in what is happening at the city council, school board and county commission meetings. We are the only ones who report about how our local sports teams are doing in detail, week after week. We are the only ones who report on the 90th birthdays, 60th wedding anniversaries, and the birth of the fourth generation in your family.

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My Old Dog

My Old Dog
We found her on the internet. She was in an animal shelter. Her previous owners had moved to a condo in Texas and could not bring her. We bought a kennel for $350, so that she wouldn’t escape.
The next morning, she sat on the front step, tail wagging. It hadn’t taken her long to figure out how to dig her way under the kennel. She had never tried this at the animal shelter.

Living on a farm, we had had many dogs. Most of them were purebreds and high strung. Our last dog, Bruno, was euthanized due to cancer at the time our last child, Erland left for college. Since all our children now lived away, we knew we would do a fair amount of traveling and decided not to have any more dogs. But then, the deer moved in. They ate all my roses and sharpened their antlers against the young trees. We no longer could have a vegetable garden and our pond became a deer drinking spot. So, it was a simple decision, really.


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