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Housing value increases have shocked some homeowners

By Reed Anfinson


With housing values rising rapidly in cities around Swift County, it was no surprise that a few people showed up at the Benson City Council meeting April 17 with questions.

In some cases, estimated market values house values have gone up $100,000 to $200,000 in just the last two years. In a few instances, the increases have been even higher. Some houses have increased in value by more than 50%.

One way people upset with their estimated market values are sometimes soothed is when they are asked, “Would you sell it for less?” When they say, “No, it’s worth more,” their argument for a lower value falls apart.

However, now some people are saying they’d gladly sell it for its estimated market value, and, maybe, for even less.

Another problem they have pointed out is that while they believe their property is worth more, it is not likely to get their asking price in Benson.

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