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No threat to public or students; social media is misinforming the public

Updated information from Benson High School and the Benson Police Department

Dear Benson School Parents and Guardians,

Benson Public Schools 777 and the Benson Police Department are jointly reissuing a statement that there is no safety risk to the public or public schools, specifically to combat the continuing misinformation being posted on social media.

While social media can be helpful at times, it can also be very detrimental when statements being posted are untrue and inaccurate.

lt appears that many posts are now causing unnecessary stress and evacuation of children. As previously indicated, the situation has been handled and is under control.

While typically both entities would not comment on a pending investigation regarding a minor child, due to the ongoing inaccurate social media posts, we will advise as follows to dispel the social media rumors:

There has not been a direct threat to shoot up the school.

The minor child that is subject to this ongoing investigation is of an age that any information will remain confidential in the legal system. The minor child involved is well accounted for.

Again, contrary to the inaccurate social media posts, there is no suspect at large.

We would ask that in this era of social media that the entities with firsthand information, such as the school and Benson Police Department, would be the first place to seek and rely on accurate information from.

Benson Public Schools 777 and the Benson Police Department take our jobs very seriously to protect our children and the public. We will continue to provide a safe learning environment for our children.

We would certainly inform the parents and public firsthand if we did not believe the children were safe to be in school. Again, for the record, there are no safety concerns and the minor child involved in this pending matter is well accounted for.




Dear Parents and Guardians,

This message is to inform you that last evening a student made a threat against BHS on social media. The Benson Police Department was notified and handled the situation. Details about the matter were shared with school officials this morning. As stated Benson Police Department managed the situation and there are no safety concerns for Benson Schools students.  Out of an abundance of caution, Benson Police had a presence at the school this morning.  As stated, the matter is controlled and the individual is not at school.  

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.  


Dennis Laumeyer


There were reports this morning that parents were keeping their kids out of school, or coming to pick them up, as they waited for confirmation that the person who had made the threats was in custody.

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