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SWIFT COUNTY BOARD MINUTES Record of Executive Session December 30, 2021

Date Convened: Thursday December 30, 2021
Time Convened: 10:00 AM
Time Adjourned: 10:32 AM
Members Present: Commissioners Fox, Hendrickx, Edward Pederson, Peter Peterson, and Rudningen
Members Absent: None
Also Present: County Administrator Kelsey Baker
Purpose: To evaluate the performance of an individual who is subject to its authority pursuant to Minnesota Stature 13D.05, Subd 3 for a scheduled annual performance review of County Administrator Kelsey Baker
Commissioner Rudningen moved and Commissioner E. Pederson seconded to go into closed Session. Motion carried unanimously.
Chairman Fox called the executive session to order at 10:00 AM with all members present as well as County Administrator Kelsey Baker. The Board discussed Kelsey’s performance review, goals, and what was completed in 2021.  The board took no actions at the meeting.
Commissioner Rudningen moved and Commissioner P. Peterson seconded to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.
Executive Session adjourned at 10:32 AM.
Joe Fox, Chair
Kelsey Baker, County Administrator

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