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Swift County is paying hefty bill for financial help

By Reed Anfinson


Swift County may spend at least $30,000 over the next six weeks to hire two temporary staff to assist with its financial services. 

If it can’t hire additional staff in that time, it may be looking at spending $5,000 or more per week for the continued services of a financial manager and a finance specialist from Abdo Financial Solutions.

Abdo financial services is an Edina firm that provides governmental auditing, accounting, and financial management services. It has over 400 government entities as clients.

Due to recent staff resignations and retirements, Swift County is two to three people short in its financial services area. It has been unable to fill those positions or keep the staff it has placed in them over the past several months.

The staff challenges come as the county has been reorganizing county government services from when it had an auditor and treasurer, both with support staff, to a new financial services department.

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