Benson youth shines as advertising model

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Lights, camera, fashion! Benson boy shines as a model

By Katherine Moore

Nathan Munsterman,15, of Benson, sits in front of the camera. He poses, he smiles, he struts. In the past year he has been stepping from everyday life of the rural Midwest into the world of modeling. But he doesn’t have the typical model origin story.

Nathan was born with Down Syndrome, a condition which causes someone to have an extra chromosome. Down Syndrome makes it difficult to communicate and interact with everyday life. Often, adults with intellectual disabilities have a hard time finding work. When it came time for the students at Nathan’s high school to talk about careers, he and his family were feeling uncertain about where to go, but they decided to pursue something they knew Nathan had strengths and interest in.

“He’s always loved the camera and the camera seems to love him back,” said Wendy Munsterman, Nathan’s mother.

Nathan’s first modeling session was to get professional headshots taken. He was a natural in front of the camera and he knew just how to pose....

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