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Governing board enters new role at hospital

By Reed Anfinson


The signs are up and the transition complete with Swift County-Benson Health services now known as CentraCare -Benson.  Actually, if you are looking for it online, you will find CentraCare – Benson Clinic and CentraCare – Benson Hospital.

Scandi Haven Village senior care is now officially known as Cura of Benson, LLC, but will continue to be branded with the Scandi Haven name.

The transitions extended into January as final details and approvals from investors in the bonds held by SCBHS for the facilities were finalized.

Monday night the Swift County-Benson Hospital District Governing of Directors conducted its first meeting labeled with the district name, Chair Patty Schreck pointed out. Though CentraCare has taken over operations of the clinic and hospital, with Cura now operating the senior living facilities, the hospital district still exists.

However, while the SCBHS governing board used to oversee the major management decisions of the hospital and clinic, those roles who are in the hands of CentraCare Health of St. Cloud. The hospital district board, which was created by state legislation, basically operates to ensure that CentraCare and Cura fulfill their obligations to the community mutually agreed to before the contracts were signed.

The district governing board plans to continue to meet monthly for the first months of 2023 but is likely to meet less frequently as the last few details of the transition are finalized. By 2024, the district governing board could be meeting only a few times a year.

CentraCare is one of the largest, not-for-profit health systems in Minnesota. Including Benson, the system operates nine hospitals, more than 30 medical clinics as well as home health services across Central, West Central and Southwest Minnesota.

The system remains focused on supporting rural health care, offering specialty outreach to many rural communities keeping care close to home, CentraCare said.

“What is most significant about this affiliation is our relationship with the people of Benson — the patients and families we serve and the people we employ,” Ken Holmen, MD, CentraCare President & CEO, told the governing board in December. “We’re neighbors, friends and family who are all committed to the health and wellbeing of the Benson community.”

As of Jan. 1 patients already saw the transition initiated with the name to CentraCare on their MyChart accounts, as well as on any correspondence including bills.

When calling the hospital or clinic, phones are now answered as CentraCare – Benson.

At Monday night’s meeting, the district governing board reelected the following officers:

Patty Schreck – chair

Pat Langan - vice chair

Jill Huston - secretary

Jill Hedman – treasurer

It also named Don Wilcox its legal counsel and the Swift County Monitor-News its legal newspaper.

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